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Creative Conversations re Public Art in Huddersfield Fri 17 Jan

Creative Conversations re Public Art in Huddersfield Fri 17 Jan

You are invited to join Kirklees Council and Beam arts organisation in a creative conversation about how the arts can enhance our public spaces.

Friday 17 January 2020
12:30 – 6:30pm – Drop in
Free / refreshments provided
Old Grangers Games Unit, Piazza, Huddersfield

Huddersfield town centre is set for great changes over the next decade as laid out in the Huddersfield Blueprint - a ten-year vision to create a thriving, modern-day town centre. This is a fantastic opportunity to embed the arts into our public spaces celebrating the unique identity of Huddersfield, taking inspiration from the diverse cultural heritage of textiles and music.

Kirklees Council, with Beam arts organisation will be creating a public art plan to guide the integration of public art into the town centre and will be facilitating the drop in event.

For this plan, we are focusing on permanent and temporary public art from visual arts practice. This could be sculptural but also art embedded into the fabric of public spaces - in the paving / walls / glazing / lighting / furniture and pop up structures or interventions.

We need your input….
- What makes you proud of Huddersfield?
- How can public art make everyone feel welcome?
- How could public art help you to enjoy the town centre with friends or family?
- What artworks have made you go ‘wow’ in other places, at home or abroad?
- How can we use art to encourage play in the town centre?

You are welcome to drop in on 17 January and share your views over brew and a slice of cake!

You can read more about the Huddersfield Blueprint at

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Old Granger Games shop

Piazza Shopping Centre


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