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Crowd Fund for Dewsbury Community events space for arts & music

Crowd Fund for Dewsbury Community events space for arts & music

James Lee Brown (musician and founder of Shoveitupyourcult Records ) and Pete Davies (artist, photographer, musician) collaborated on this new art and music event space for the growing creative scene in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

They have leased a three floor building from Kirklees Council with the intention of turning it into an arts. music events space. It will be holding independent cinema nights. gig days/nights, workshops and exhibitions, as well as being a building art spaces to let out for a low monthly cost. The space will also be available for booking, workshops, gigs, party's.

They are looking to raise £2000, this will cover the cost of materials needed to build our venue on the ground floor and the artists studios on the first floor. The artists studios will provide enough revenue to cover the running costs of the building. They shall be recycling as much materials as they can as they have to pull down some interior walls, then rebuild the walls around the sides with sound boards and installation. This will include, timber, rock wool, sound board and plaster. As part of the perks you will receive a self designed limited edition No.Vultures t-shirt and ticket for our December gig.

Your contribution will make a huge difference to our timescale. As they are wanting to get the events space up and running asap, they will be hosting many community oriented events like, independent cinema and workshops for children with learning difficulties, plus gig nights and open age shows.

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