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Community Development Manager, The Leap Bradford

Community Development Manager, The Leap Bradford

Community Development Managers are at the heart of The Leap programme. Reaching out, engaging and supporting communities and organisations to develop ideas and solutions that can broaden and increase opportunities for communities to lead and participate in quality arts and culture.

You will be part of a team and work in a fast-paced environment. You will play a key role in enabling people to commission and co-create extraordinary cultural programmes and unforgettable events that will create a sea change in the way arts and culture is valued and owned by the people of Bradford.

You will have an understanding and knowledge of producing and developing community based creative projects. You will have experience of working with a range of people from diverse backgrounds and supporting both individuals and organisations to develop the skills, capacity and infrastructure needed for their ideas and projects to start up, thrive and create major impact. As a member of The Leap frontline team you will become embedded in localities and work with a range of individuals, community groups, artists and organisations at different stages of their journey.

Deadline 15 August

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