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Canopy of Voices

Canopy of Voices

Canopy of Voices is the world premiere of Composer Supriya Nagarajan’s Pleiades Ne Maia, presented alongside a performance by four local choirs. (Saturday 24 November)

Pleiades Ne Maia is inspired by the luminous seven star cluster that has a presence in world cultures. Middle-eastern phrases intermingle with Buddhist Zen while a traditional church anthem sits at the core forming an effortless bridge between cultures, genres and traditions.

Working with HOOT Creative Arts Choir, University of Huddersfield Choirs, a choir made up from the refugee and asylum seeker community and York Stonegate Singers, Canopy of Voices will create a programme inspired by the connections between Indian and contemporary classical music.

Co-produced by hcmf// & Manasamitra

Time: 4.00pm
Approximate finish 4:20pm.

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