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Arts Council England's National Portfolio for 2023

Arts Council England's National Portfolio for 2023

Do you bring creativity and culture to communities in England? Are you focused on making sure that everyone has access to creative opportunities that can transform lives? Well that’s what the Arts Council England's National Portfolio does – and organisations in the portfolio receive regular funding from them to help them do this.

If this sounds like what your organisation does, then you might be able to apply. Read on to find out more, so you can decide if making an application is right for you...

About ACE and the next portfolio
They’re the national development agency for creativity and culture in England, and one of the biggest investments they make is through their National Portfolio Organisations. Their new National Portfolio for 2023 onwards will provide a backbone of creative and cultural provision across the country, playing a crucial role in helping them realise the vision of their strategy, Let’s Create.

In the new National Portfolio, they’ll invest in arts organisations, libraries and museums who are experts at what they do: engaging communities, collaborating with others, and producing high quality work that engages and moves us.

Making sure that access to this work is available to people the length and breadth of the country, regardless of who they are, or where they live, will be vital to the success of this portfolio.

Take a look at who can apply, the timeline for making an application, how the portfolio will help deliver Let’s Create, and more.

Steps to think about now
This will be an open application process and ACE won’t be able to support everyone that applies. But they sincerely want anyone considering making an application to give it some serious thought.

If you’re interested in applying, or you just want to find out more – there are things you can do now to get organised – including looking at other funding programmes that might also suit your organisation.

Please visit the website below to find out more.

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