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ARTQUEST- Adaptations Award

ARTQUEST- Adaptations Award

Following on from their successful WFH Residency, Adaptations is an award for the next step. It will support visual artists seeking innovative authentic ways to adapt their practice for an age of physical distancing, travel restrictions, impact on studio working, and new opportunities.

Adaptations is a development award to support moving existing professional art practices into new ways of working. Through this award, they want to help artists create sustainable practices that are adaptable to the shifting physical possibilities around public access and opportunities presented as a result. They are interested in the systematic changes possible in an artists’ practice.

Three Adaptations development awards of £3,000 each will support artists to research and experiment with new ways to make their work in light of ongoing legal and health restrictions. It will support new ways of working that continue to authentically reflect artists’ interests and themes across any media. It can also be used to explore new forms of public exhibition – both digital and, when safe, live – to ensure audiences can experience it meaningfully.

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