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Artists Call Out - Play Days: Bradford Producing Hub

Artists Call Out - Play Days: Bradford Producing Hub

This is an open call out to experienced artists in the North of England (within a reasonable commutable distance to Bradford) to pitch an idea for a Play Day session which is exciting and meets the needs of creatives. Your session could be purely Play, or it could be inspiring ways to explore transferable skills, exercises and approaches, for example:

Devising, collaborative working, arts for change, using physicality / movement / vocal skills, creative writing, working with digital, music in performance, storyboarding, co-creation, making work political, set and costume design, rehearsal methods, mood-boarding – etc!

Bradford Producing Hub would like to hear YOUR ideas though, this list is not exhaustive- people in Bradford have told them they want to collaborate and feel inspired and connected to each other, so tell them how you will make that happen!

Artists Fee: £250 for one half day session, fee includes planning time.
Additional Expenses: Artists travel and personal expenses (e.g. access / childcare etc) will be covered. Plus, costs associated with the delivery of your session (such as materials, etc).
How Many: We’re currently aiming to create 6 days of activity, with 2 sessions each day: so we are seeking ideas from 12 Practitioners. We are happy to consider the same practitioner leading both sessions in a Play Day, where a good case can be made for attendees benefitting from this.
Delivery Timeframe: We are seeking to facilitate one Play Day per month between July and December, please let us know if you have a preference
Deadline for Applications: 11 June 2021 at 5pm.

Full details and how to make an application at the link below.

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