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Artistic Commission Project - Chain Reaction, Ilkley Literature

Artistic Commission Project - Chain Reaction, Ilkley Literature

Ilkley Literature Festival Fringe are hugely excited to be launching Chain Reactions – a collaborative, cross-artform digital project that encourages participants to develop and stretch their creative work in new ways, inspiring and enthusing each other, and giving audiences a fresh and exciting experience.

Chain Reactions will include three stages:

Stage 1: Five new pieces of work will be commissioned across a range of art forms. These will be made available to view on our website and social media channels.

Stage 2: People living across the Yorkshire region will be challenged to get creative and respond to work featured in Stage 1, using a different artform than the original piece.

Stage 3: The chain reaction will continue and people living across the Yorkshire region will be encouraged to respond to works that were produced in Stage 2.

They are now looking for Stage 1 applicants to kickstart the project.

In Stage 1 they are looking for proposals for creative provocations. They will commission five applicants based in Yorkshire to produce finished pieces of work for a fee of £200. The works should respond to the word ‘Spark’ and can take any of the artforms listed below:

Spoken word
Poetry (max. 20 lines)
Stage plays/monologues
Visual art (e.g. prints, sculpture, paintings, photos, textiles)

Please be aware that they are not looking for highly-polished pieces, but something that will provoke and encourage a “chain reaction” and inspire others’ creativity.

For more information, please visit the ILF website below.

Chain Reactions is open to anyone based in Yorkshire, aged 18 years and over. The proposed piece must be original work.

Deadline for proposals is 5pm on Mon 25 January 2021.

To enter please see the website below.

For more information visit

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