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Selling on Amazon Webinar

Selling on Amazon Webinar

This new webinar is all about how to maximise your business when Selling on Amazon, with Chris MacNeil, Managing Director,

There is an illusion that to sell on Amazon, one can be ready after a few clicks and some light configuration. However, if selling on Amazon is considered core revenue for your business, then your approach should be planned in an end-to-end fashion as a comprehensive business line.

During this webinar, Chris will walk us through some of the key success factors to selling on Amazon and what your business should have ready in advance of considering a migration to Amazon. He will share some successes and pitfalls that he and his clients have experienced with the Amazon marketplace and answer some of your most pressing questions when considering a migration to Amazon.

This webinar is ideal for businesses with a mature, repeatable product they want to sell on Amazon and potentially other marketplaces.

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