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New Creative Writing Group

New Creative Writing Group

New Creative Writing Group
Wish it, Dream it, Write it!

Every Wednesday, 11am – 1pm, starting 11th October 2017

£1.50 per person, per session (includes first drink)

*Please be aware these sessions will be held on the first floor of our building, assessible only by stairs*

Have you ever wanted to write but didn’t know how to start? Maybe you’ve even scribbled a few lines of good intention but got stuck, not knowing how to progress? Or maybe you believe that you need to have some inborn talent or a much higher education to do this? Well, think again! Did you know that both Mark Twain and H.G. Wells left school before the age of 12?
So why not pop in to S2R Create Space on Wednesday 11th October (11am – 1pm), for a completely informal talk with local authors Jolene Rae-Walsh and Andy Jarvis to find out more?
This weekly group is aimed at complete beginners, writing in any genre, anyone who may have already done a little writing but wants to do more or even total non-starters who don’t know one end of a pen from another! Trust me that was me at one time! We will do everything we can to help you feel comfortable and won’t expect you to produce anything during the meetings.
The sessions will mainly be on a self-help basis, eventually reading each other’s contributions and giving constructive feedback as a group. As well as that, if anyone wants help with progression, Jolene and Andy are both published authors who can guide you from short story to full length novel writing and even publication!

Try us. We are friendly, totally non-judgmental and keen to meet you.

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