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World Needs Love - Interactive Art Project

World Needs Love - Interactive Art Project

Everyone is invited to share their message of love in my art project that is happening now in The Piazza - look for the unit next to USC shoe store.

The aim of this project is to give people an opportunity to talk about love
and encourage them to think about love in ways they never did before...Can I write a message of love to myself? Can I send love to someone who I do not know and will never find out about it? how many faces does love have? Why love is important to me and to you? Can I love more than one person? Is love only about feeling between people? How love changes everything, Love in art...these and more to be written and discussed, join now and share your thoughts and your feelings.

The Project will last until the end of August, and if opportunity comes it will continue longer.

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The Piazza

Princess Alexandra Walk, Huddersfield

Telephone: 07421 122 314

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