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The Tree of Hope exhibition and interactive art project

The Tree of Hope exhibition and interactive art project

Please read below to find out how you can get involved in this project;

The tree of hope was created as a result of my observations during lockdown, I have learned about loneliness and despair that so many people experience on regular basis, and this pandemic has worsened the situation for them. However there is still hope, I saw in recent months people giving their time, energy, skills, love and care to others without asking for anything in return...This tree represents all of that It was thrown away, left in bushes to rot, forgotten, unwanted and unloved, until I spotted it, I took it home and gave it a new lease of life.
The tree has interesting shape, it is not perfect in anyway and yet it is perfect to me. It has been wrapped in yarn that reminds us the warmth of being loved and wanted, the colours represent all kinds of feelings as well as the rainbows that appeared in windows during the lockdown.
You can see the tree in Queensgate Market every day during market opening hours - but You can also add up to this project...
I want to surround the tree with colourful pom poms, each pom pom will represent the love, hope and compassion. If you would like to make some pom poms please get in touch for further details
either by email, by text 07421122314 or by FB

Event Location

Queensgate Market

Princes Alexandra Walk

Telephone: 07421 122 314

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