Cleckheaton Folk Festival

Cleckheaton Folk Festival / Events / Fri 01 to Sun 03 Jul 2022 (3 days)

Cleckheaton Folk Festival 2022

Cleckheaton Folk Festival 2022

Festival Postponed until 1st, 2nd & 3rd July 2022
Cleckheaton Folk Festival 2022 preparations ……
The fun and games will continue behind the scenes – Artists to be re-contracted, Morris sides to encourage and cajole, sponsors to find and grants to apply for, and this is just the start some 10 months prior to our event. It is often said by onlookers on the weekend “you must have been busy these last few weeks” – the answer is a resounding “yes, and the 9 months before that”. It’s incredible how many volunteer hours are spent preparing a full weekend Folk Festival but if 2019 was anything to go by, it’s well worth the effort.
Many festivals start with nothing and work up from there – we are slightly more fortunate in that, having had strong support from our Local Council over the years, we are able to start the festival process with some funds and it certainly helps the planning.
The festival runs with a core team of a dozen volunteers, enough to plan a full weekend festival. But we’re sure you will realise that this is just the start, as many of you reading this will be aware, all festivals are manned by a small army of volunteers working tirelessly over the weekend to ensure every visitor is kept safe and looked after for the entirety of their visit. So Cleckheaton would like to dedicate this piece to the National Army of Volunteer Stewards without whom no festival would be able to operate and certainly would not be complete. Cleckheaton Folk Festival salutes you for the amazing work you do both in front of house and behind the scenes.
Cleckheaton 2022 will have lots going on and suffice to say we are planning a quality line up including some events aimed at Club and Festival organisers. We will have an Emerging Artist presentation concert and a Hiring Fair Concert where you may find the stars of our future. Visit our website for details.
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Cleckheaton Folk Festival 2022

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