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Chris Longden / News / Tue 08 Oct 2019

Chris Longden - Fiction Novelist of the Year (Huddersfield Lass)

Chris Longden - Fiction Novelist of the Year (Huddersfield Lass)

Christina Longden, Robert’s great x 3 granddaughter and author of both of the new books about him has received an award. Named ‘Fiction Novelist of the Year’, in the 2019 Northern Enterprise Awards, Chris comments:
“This was a bit of a surprise – but I’m really pleased for my writing to be acknowledged in this way. I write both fiction and non-fiction and in ‘Imagining Robert’ I’m trying to show people that it is possible to blend both approaches in order to tell a very important story.”
Chris adds; “But if anyone deserves an award, it should go to my dad, Brian Longden, for all of his hard work in inspiring me to take up the story of Robert. Without him leading the way, the story of this incredible man would never be reaching the number of people that it is now.”

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