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Callaloo PopUp Carnival reaches out to local community

Callaloo PopUp Carnival reaches out to local community

‘Spirit Tree’ by Urban Angels Circus for Callaloo PopUp Carnival 2021
[Image description: A mature white woman, with brown hair and glasses is dressed as a Cherry Blossom Tree. She smiles and waves in the centre of the image. Behind her stands a nurse in a blue uniform and a costumed masquerader in bright yellow, tinged with orange. Giant Butterfly wings in shades of blue and purple are seen against a large brick building which forms the background of the image]
Image by Mirabel Henry
Project Funders: Kirklees Council 'Growing Great Places’, Mirfield Ward Councillors Fund, One Community Foundation, Arts Council England ‘The Open Road’
With thanks to Spacehive and all our Crowdfunding Supporters!

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Callaloo PopUp Carnival at Ing Grove House, Mirfield



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