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20's Night with Cosimo and the Hot Coals

20's Night with Cosimo and the Hot Coals

It's the 20s again! Let's have some cocktails, listen to some jazz and forget the outside world for a few hours.

Joining us all the way from Milan, performing live, we have Cosimo and the Hot Coals.

'Cosimo and the Hot Coals is a 5-piece Milan-based band, that offers a repertoire that goes from the New Orleans tradition and the Hot Jazz to the 20s and 30s Swing. The band is lead by trumpeter and singer Cosimo Pignataro who’s accompanied by his four Hot Coals: Martin Di Pietro (piano), Stefano Della Grotta (guitar & banjo), Mirko Boles (doublebass) and Michele Capasso (drums); all
the members of the band are under the age of 30. They perform in jazz clubs, festivals and swing dance events, inside and outside Italy. Lindy hop dancers and music lovers get off on their music, a
music that seems to have the power to reach and warm every kind of people from the feet to the heart.'

Tickets are £10 in advance, or £12 on the door and will include a choice of classic cocktail on arrival:

- Old Fashioned (Bourbon, bitters, orange twist).
- Scofflaw (Rye Whisky, Dry Vermouth, lime juice, grenadine).
- Bee's Knees (Gin, lemon juice, honey)
- Virgin South Side Fizz (lemon juice, tonic, mint, simple syrup).

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