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Wake Up and Dance

Wake Up and Dance

Wake Up and Dance!

For the whole month of March, Active Dacorum, BEEE Creative and Dacorum Community Dance invite you to Wake Up and Dance!

What is Wake Up and Dance?
10 minutes of music for you to dance along to everyday at home but in the company of others online – a fun way to get the body and mind active and ready to start the day! There are no taught movements, so you just log on, be greeted by your Wake Up and Dance daily host and the dance along – in any way you like to the day’s music playlist.

The Wake Up and Dance hosts will be:
Annie Smith (Active Dacorum)
Carrie Washington (BEEE Creative)
Hannah Delaney (BEEE Creative)
Louise White (Dacorum Community Dance)

Over the four weeks you will see some familiar faces from other Hertfordshire dance activities and will also start to recognise names and faces of those that join us regularly in their little Zoom squares.

There is no commitment to attend everyone session – you can drop in whenever you can.

Who can take part?
Everyone is welcome - adults, children, pets! (Children must be accompanied by an adult)

When will it happen?
It will take place every weekday from Monday 1 March to Friday 26 March 2021 at 9am for 10 minutes.

Where will it take place?
Online via Zoom

How do I get involved?
1. Register via Google Forms – follow this link:
2. You will receive a confirmation email from BEEE Creative that includes a Zoom link. The link will be the same one to use every day.
3. Log on just before 9am and join the dance
4. After the last track of music has finished there will be a brief moment to give everyone a wave before we leave and each get on with our day.

Finally, why are we doing it?
In the absence of the annual Dance Re:Ignite Festival that usually runs in March or any community dance platforms that usually celebrate dance happening across the county, we wanted to create an online space to dance together and connect for 10 minutes each weekday in March. It is a fun way to start the day, get active and just give a wave to other people who share a joy of dance. Wake Up and Dance is inspired by Cultured Mongrel’s Daily Dancing that has been running through the whole Covid-19 pandemic.

Active Dacorum, BEEE Creative, Dacorum Community Dance

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