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Contemporary British Painting: The Priseman-Seabrook Collection

Contemporary British Painting: The Priseman-Seabrook Collection

This new exhibition of contemporary painting celebrates a dynamic and vibrant scene that is happening right around the country, right now - with many serious artists working out of garages, spare bedrooms and garden studios across the UK. This new generation are creating their own networks using Twitter and Facebook, forging active critical connections and new artistic communities from the ground up, outside the old establishment networks.

Using painting they’re asking questions such as - how do we feel about our country in the light of our past conflicts? What do our engagements with the Middle East reveal about ourselves? And does the mass-media provide a true mirror to our humanity? In their work we see a sustained interest in the advancement of abstract painting, responses to the landscape connected to environmental issues, a continued engagement with surrealism and the development of a new kind of non-specific representational narrative painting. This new realism draws largely from photographic sources obtained via the internet, television, cell phones, newspapers and family albums.

Painters represented in this exhibition include European Sovereign Painters Prize winner Susan Gunn, John Moores Prize winner Nicholas Middleton, Artslant prize winner Alison Pilkington, Terry Greene, Wyss Foundation prize winner Harvey Taylor, Birtle Prize winner Simon Burton, Venice Biennale exhibitor Marguerite Horner, Griffen Prize nominee Matthew Krishanu and East London Painting Prize winner Nathan Eastwood.

Huddersfield Art Gallery, Princess Alexandra Walk, Huddersfield HD1 2SU.

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