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IWD - Intrepid Women: Inspiring Journeys

IWD - Intrepid Women: Inspiring Journeys

Pack your bags, don your walking boots, tighten your corset and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime, as we celebrate International Women's Day.

Join the Victorian women who climbed the alps, trekked the Himalayas and explored the vast plains of Africa. Follow these incredible women on their journeys and discover the necessity of a decent frock when travelling.

Meredith Towne will help to transport you to a different era through costume and stories. We will also tell the story of Amelia Oldroyd of Dewsbury, a mill owner’s daughter who went out to Egypt to join Flinders Petrie excavations. She is the reason we now have The Kingdom of Osiris collection at Bagshaw Museum.

Then bringing things right up to date there is a chance to hear from a modern female archaeologist and find out about the opportunities and challenges.

Ticket for the afternoon experience are £12.50

All this and more in our celebration for International Women’s Day on the 8th March

There will be an Egyptology trail in the museum and the chance to create your own hieroglyphic badge (£2) for younger intrepid travellers.

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