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Leonardo de Vinci 1452-1519: Inventor, Artist and visionary.

Leonardo de Vinci 1452-1519: Inventor, Artist and visionary.

Lecture by Leslie Primo at 7. 30pm. (Doors open 7.00pm)
As we mark the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death this lecture will explore Leonardo’s multiple lives as an artist, inventor and visionary; our very embodiment of what it is to be a genius. We are all aware of the many works of art created by Leonardo da Vinci, but there are in fact very few paintings by Leonardo, so what else did he create? This lecture will begin by looking at some of Leonardo’s greatest works of art, but it will also delve into Leonardo’s exploration of and obsession with nature and how this might relate to his art and the human condition.

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7.30pm University of Huddersfield

The University of Huddersfield
Room SJG/11, Spärck Jones Building
Firth Street

Tickets at the door. £7.50 for non-members

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