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Arts Society Huddersfield / Events / Thu 20 Jan 2022

Goya: The First Modern Artist

Goya: The First Modern Artist

Goya: The First Modern Artist. Lecture delivered by Michael Howard, Fellow of the Royal Society of Art and President of Art Society Bolton.

Quintessentially Spanish, Goya is the first of the modern artists. He painted, drew and etched the world of dream and reality, sunlight and shadow. An artist of unparalleled sensitivity to the psychological complexity of what it is to be human; like Rembrandt and few others his people breath the same air as we do and come alive in all their vulnerability or pride as we stand before them.
He is also one of the very greatest manipulators of any of his chosen means of expression: he knew how to suggest the sheen on a blue silk dress, the wayward curl of a lock of hair or the eyes of one who has seen things beyond telling.

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Delivered to members via Zoom at 7.30pm

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