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Anna Keleher / News / Mon 08 Apr 2013

We made it! Radio Dreaming campaign success

We made it! Radio Dreaming campaign success

A big thankyou from from Claire and I to everyone who helped make our Radio Dreaming Kickstarter funding campaign a success. From a dance company in Totnes and a sound recordist in Luxemburg to a firefighter in New Mexico, our over 70 backers are now part of our project. Our Funding goal reached we are steaming ahead with preparations for our forthcoming Radio Dreaming Pod Tour adventure.

It was lovely to meet Nigel, of Diddyvans Teardrop Trailers, who built our Place-Dreamer Pod and to see his workshop in Rugby on Saturday. Midlanders are real family people so as well as Nigel, we met his mum, who made the polka dot curtains, mattress covers and two extra cushions.

Soon we were streaming along the ancient Fosse Way with our little Pod in tow and looking forward to all that awaits us in Ireland.

Geopark Artist Anna Keleher and New Mexican Artist Claire Coté are touring Marble Arch Caves Geopark in Northern Ireland and Ëire between 25th April and 18th May to launch their Radio Dreaming Series for community radio stations across the globe.

For more information visit http://www.dreamingplace/pod/

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