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Speed Making - share your skills in 15 minutes!

Speed Making - share your skills in 15 minutes!

Could you show people how to make something, or share a making skill, in just 15 minutes?

The Making Space is running a Speed Making Stall at Coffee Evolution on the evening of Friday 2nd of October at the new Made in Huddersfield event.

It's chance for you to show people something you know and care about, and meet other people who want to learn and share making skills.

The thing you show people how to make, or the making process you share, is completely up to you, it could use textiles, electronics, software or anything else, so long as it fits into no more than fifteen minutes.

We'll be running the stall for two hours, including James from Coffee Evolution showing people how to use the espresso machine, so there are only seven Speed Making slots available.

Please go here to book your slot, and for fairness it's first come first served.

There will be lots of other things to do and try at Made in Huddersfield on Friday, 2nd October, including free canapes from Discovery Bay and Mason Le Pepa, an interactive drawing installation by Richard Bates, a Balkan Beats DJ, live music and venue decoration by the famous Tea and Tarts.

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Coffee Evolution

8 Church St,

Telephone: 07980 224 927

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