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Spot The Difference (2019)

Spot The Difference (2019)

Spot The Difference (2019) by Ryoko Akama

23rd October - 31st December

ame’s new space Sho Hall presents spot the different (2019),
Akama's solo exhibition that will change and continue a display
for a durational period of time.
The show results from her daily observation of time and her
interest in mundane facts of objects such as weigh, shape,
pattern, colour or elasticity in relation to gravity, light or

She collects ‘things’, but not everything. Born in Japan between
Korean father and Japanese mother, living in the UK over 18 years
within which in Huddersfield for 8 years, she is simply intrigued
by how and why some objects attract her more than others, how a
daily life and upbringing background may change such aesthetics
of choices.

This humorous and intense sculpture continues to evolve into
another in the course of time.

@ Sho Hall, Unit 17 Market Avenue
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Sho Hall @ 17 Market Avenue

ame's new space

Sho Hall,
17 Market Avenue, Huddersfield


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