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A Kick Up The Arts / News / Tue 03 Jun 2014

A Kick Up The Arts at the Town Hall Torquay - new market hub!

A Kick Up The Arts at the Town Hall Torquay - new market hub!

We have been involved with some fab but top secret (for the time being) things in the last couple of weeks and right now it feels like a lot of people are connecting with the community of K&Q and A Kick Up The Arts. When we first started K&Q in 2007 we did it for ourselves because there wasn't anywhere to go out in TQ that played a mix of great music or offered a welcoming atmosphere without being genre specific - we quickly realised that we had filled a much needed gap and the rest is history! We are keen to develop and encourage more community involvement in TQ for people who like alternative, who like arts, crafts, music, theatre etc, who like diversity - the kind of people who come to K&Q, and as you know we have tried a couple of different things. Any small business in Torquay will tell you that the hardest thing is footfall - there are not enough great things in the same location to make people want to make the effort to even give it a go but when a food market or the French Market or an event with various things pops up people attend. We have been thinking about this for a long time and we held back for a long time for various reasons BUT NOW working with the support of the town centre management we are leading an opportunity for small businesses, artists, crafters, vintagey, foodies, musicians etc to come together once a month at the Town Hall for an alternative market that celebrates indie, quality, unique, diverse and begins to offer something that for once a month, at least, people feel that it's worth coming into town for. So if you want to be involved in this we want to hear from you - This is a mixture of all sorts of people who want to get together with all sorts of other people and build something in our town centre that is good for our local economy, that is vibrant, colourful, engaging, diverse, inclusive and that we can all feel proud of. We all read, and probably make the comments, about how the town centre is, we all say "We'll go to Totnes or Exeter or Dartington or Brixham" - well here's the opportunity to build something here in Torquay - this is something that we know will start small but that will evolve and get bigger as people hear about it & get involved. We have bitten the bullet and hired theTown Hall for the following dates - Saturday 30th August, Saturday 4th October, Saturday 1st November and Saturday 13th December - GET INVOLVED - email sarahbell@akickupthearts.com - Thanks for reading! xx

For more information visit http://www.akickupthearts.com/

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